Web Mining Engineer (Evidence Lab)



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Number of employees: 250+

www: https://www.ubs.com/polandcareers

Added 7/10/2017 10:30:11 AM

Position info

Seniority: Middle

Monthly gross salary range: 5000 - 10000 PLN

Team description:

You’ll be working in the UBS Evidence Lab's team in Zabierzow (Krakow Business Park). Evidence Lab is one of the most innovative and highly regarded teams in UBS Investment Bank. We specialize in various analytical techniques including web harvesting, geospatial, social media, market research, and supply chain. We are looking for talented engineers to build, design, and experiment with next generation web harvesting techniques including a state of art big data web harvesting system.

Position description:

Are you an analytic thinker? Do you learn best through reverse-engineering? We’re looking for someone like that who can:

- design and build new data pipelines and support existing
- innovate by identifying quicker, better, easier ways to vacuum data off the internet
- investigate data issues and statistical anomalies of harvested data
- work closely with business analysts and fellow team members to find interesting sources and channels of relevant data

You are:
- very good in written and spoken English
- detail oriented
- full of energy and able to persevere through technical issues


Must have:

  • 1+ years web development experience; 1+ years database experience, ETL experience is helpful
  • 1+ years in Python, C#, Java, or a comparable language; experience using JavaScript libraries and AJAX technologies
  • knowledge of Browser - Web Server interaction including DNS, HTTP, SSL, JSON, REST
  • an ability to think outside of the box and solve abstract, ill-defined problems; demonstrated ability to propose and implement new solutions or ideas
  • administration or creation of Web Servers or Web Services, data modeling experience, knowledge of Kapow Katalyst (would be an additional asset)

Languages: English

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