About us

Chasing a unicorn? We know where you can find them! We will help you to be found by them!
Our mission is to improve your business by finding a data hero that will increase the utilization of your data. We are going to achieve this by matching the right data scientists with the right company. That will speed up the growth of your businesses and create good development perspectives for your prospective data scientists.

Are you an EMPLOYER that is looking for THE data hero?

  • create a job offer and reach the right people - good content will increase the response ratio,
  • design a case study - right assessment will save you a lot of time.

  • Are you a RECRUITER?
  • find our database of highly skilled professionals. We will help you to find best candidates based on their online activity.
  • let us help you to reach candidates from best universities right on the beginning of their career.

  • Are you a DATA HERO?
  • browse offers that are designed for data crunchers/modellers/statisticians.
  • find our analyses about trends in data science and statistics of skills that are demanded on the market.
  • Good data scientist may have huge impact on business. But it is hard to find a passionate business oriented number cruncher with good communication skills. And they have very different sets of skillsdifferent sets of skills, so how to find these that are perfect match for you? We will help you!

    Create a job offer with the use of our template and reach our database of data scientists. They are waiting for you! There are hundreds of highly skilled professionals from top polish universities. nd if you are not sure who exactly you are looking for then we will help you to create the right job offer.

    Subscribe to our database and you will receive job offers that are suitable for you. We will help you to figure out what skills are currently wanted and where you can train them.

    We are tracking needs and requirements that are pronounced by companies and skills that are on the market. We want to better understand what skills are demanded and what are the trends. This will help us to recommend best employee - employer.

    We are organising meetups and hackatons for data heroes in order to help them train useful skills. Someday this will improve the utilisation of data in your businesses.

    Who we are?

    Przemysław Biecek, data scientist with PhD in statistics and with 13 years of experience in industry. Still hungry for more. Graduated from Wroclaw Technical University, now he is teaching statistics, data mining and data modelling on Warsaw University and Warsaw Technical University. Has been working for large companies like IBM and small companies like Netezza. Now he is helping other professionals to find an interesting work. Privately a big enthusiast of R and data visualisation.

    Olga Mierzwa, holds a master's degree in Econometrics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She co-founded datahero.tech to change the way companies recruit for data related positions. She combines technical knowledge with experience from consulting industry - FMCG, Transportation and Insurance. She co-organizes Warsaw R Enthusiast meetups. After hours climbing and ski touring.